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Work in progress

Work in progress

Art Therapy is about looking inside a stone for the mystery of one's own interior life

Since 2006 I have been exploring art with a personal preference for stone carving. Direct carving has become my “ordinary habit” in the words of Ann Cvetkovich, “a way to build the spiritual warrior self” necessary to overcome depression and go on with my daily life. It is a spiritual journey, a natural process that brings balance to my mind and body.

A procedure dating back to prehistoric times, my own subjective taste draws me to Venus of Willendorf with rounded buttocks and breasts instead of the exquisitely shaved Michelangelo's David. Female figures are more fascinating to me from the beautifully carved belly of Venus de Milo to the poetic movement of the Winged Victory of Samothrace. Closer to us, 20th-Century artists such as Brancusi, Giacometti and Modigliani are guiding my own artistic work.

I found a small reproduction of the Venus of Willendorf in a Goodwill store the other day. Since I mentioned my fascination for the figure, no surprise here, I jumped on it. “What do you think about the Venus of Willendorf ?” I asked. “ Do you like it or do you think it is grotesque?”. “Both”, said the person I was addressing myself to. “So why is it that I think it is beautiful?” I asked. Without a word, my interlocutor with a slight pouting face simply rolled his eyes.

Sculpture can not be taught by books or by spoken words. It must be experienced by the artist. The hands must be trained by practice; the mind by constant acquisition of knowledge and the heart by its undefeated faith and desire to overcome all obstacles. For sculpture is a thorny road beset by barriers, defeats and disappointments.

As a longtime researcher of Buddhist scriptures, buddhist philosophy influences my work as an artist.

Buddhist sculpture is about provoking understanding, answering the needs of the soul... First seeing in a mystical sense and later reproducing that personal vision of what is known by all and what will serve to replenish understanding.

Bodhisattva and myself

Bodhisattva and myself

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