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MéandresStay on your own course, steadying your boat on the big river of your life. Never deviate from your own conscience, feelings, ethics.
   A young man decided to leave the world of society. He started to fish for eel as a living. Every day he fished for bait and prepared his lines, 1100 hooks. The first day he caught many eels, but after that - never again anything. He kept going on and on for 2 years, every day putting out his lines.
   Now he is an artist, famous for his etchings of fishing boats and the harbor. More than 20 years later he learned the cause of catching no eel: he did not pickle the lines, so the eel smelled death and stayed away.
   His dedication did not change, and it brought him what belongs to him, even if it did not make any sense rationally.(I Ching, Oracle of the Sun, Hexagram 32)

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